UP Scholarship Status: How to Monitor Your Application


The Uttar Pradesh Scholarship Programme is an initiative of the Uttar Pradesh government to help eligible students who are pursuing their education financially. For students who fall under numerous categories, including SC/ST, OBC, Minority, and General, this scholarship programme offers a variety of programmes. After submitting your scholarship application, it is crucial to check on its status to learn how it is doing. In this article, we’ll explain the many steps of the application process and show you how to monitor the status of your UP scholarship.

Registration for UP Scholarship: It’s important to confirm that you have successfully registered for the UP Scholarship programme before moving on to the status tracking procedure. To register, adhere to following steps:
a. Go to the UP Scholarship website at https://scholarship.up.gov.in/.
b. Create an account by selecting the relevant category under “Student” and clicking the “Create Account” button.
c. Complete all necessary information completely, including personal, academic, and banking information.
d. Upload the required paperwork, including your Aadhaar card, a caste certificate, a proof of income, etc.
e. Check the data you’ve entered before submitting the form.

UP Scholarship progress Checking: Once you have registered and submitted your application, you can check the progress of your UP Scholarship application by following these steps:
a. Go to the UP Scholarship official website, which is given above.
b. On the homepage, select the “Status” option.
c. Decide which scholarship category best fits your needs (for example, Pre-matric, Post-matric, etc.).
d. Key in the captcha code, registration number, and birthdate.
e. To view the status of your application, click the “Search” button.

Understanding Different Statuses: You will be able to examine the status of your UP Scholarship application after submitting the necessary information. Here are several prevalent statuses along with what they mean:
Application Successfully Submitted: This status shows that your application has been submitted and is now being reviewed.
b. Application Verified: This indicates that the relevant authorities have reviewed your application and are currently cross-checking the information you submitted.
Application Recommended/Not Recommended: Your application may be recommended or not recommended for further processing depending on the results of the verification process.
d. Application Approved: If your scholarship application is approved, the money will be awarded in accordance with this status.
g. Check the payment status after your application has been accepted to find out when the scholarship money will be credited to your bank account.

Contacting the Scholarship Authorities: It is advised that you get in touch with the relevant scholarship authorities for support if you are having problems or questions about your application for a UP Scholarship. The contact information is available on the official UP Scholarship website.

To keep up with the development of your UP Scholarship application, it is crucial to monitor its status. You can quickly determine the status of your application and comprehend the many phases of the process by following the above-mentioned steps. When checking the status, keep your registration number and other information close to hand. Good luck with your application for the UP Scholarship!