7 Gift Ideas For Your Parents This Diwali


Our parents have always been there for us in our bad times and in our good times. They always help us no matter what the situation is, so why not do the same for them? As everyone knows, Diwali is a festival of light, and more than that, it is the feeling of celebration that excites us. For our parents, it comes with responsibilities too, so it’s our duty to make them feel important and loved on this day.

There are so many things we can do for our parents, but nothing compares to the ultimate gift they’ve given us, which is life. This Diwali, let’s make them feel loved by giving them something that they can remember for the rest of their lives.

How Can You Make Your Parents Feel Loved This Diwali?

Make your parents feel loved by gifting them something that can become valuable to them. Give them something that has your love and importance to them. Consider small details about what they like and what they don’t. Here, we’ve curated some of the most unique gifts for your parents. Choose what you like:

1] Diner Set

Diner sets are a great choice as gifts for your parents if they like food very much because a fine-looking dinner set can increase anyone’s appetite for food. Diner sets are easily available in markets, and during Diwali, there are tons of sales going on, so price might not be the problem you will face.

2] Couple Watches

A coupled watch can be the perfect Diwali gift to buy online and present to your parents at this festival. For them, it could become a sign of love, and you can order them online there are many options you can consider. It may be expensive to some extent, but for your parents, it should be worth every penny. Couple watches may remind them of the love between them and their children.

3] Saregama Carvaan

If your parents like to listen to old Hindi songs, the Saregama carvaan is the best option to gift your parents. It is a musical device that has hundreds of old, evergreen songs that your parents will love listening to.

It has the appearance of an old radio, giving it a retro look with modern features. There are a number of lists embedded in it for the convenience of searching which songs to listen to in different moods. Saregama carvaan might be the gift for your parents this Divali.

4] Jewelry [chain for your father and necklace for your mother

Jewelry has always been the best option for gifts for anyone on any occasion. You can buy your father a golden chain, as it will have the value and prestige of gold and your love for him. You can give your mother a golden necklace or a bracelet, as the necklace will give her an excuse to brag about you in front of her friends, and a bracelet will always remind her how much you care for her.

5] Idols with diyas

Ganesha idols with attached diyas will be a great gift as they will stay in your parent’s sight for a long time, and it will always remind them of your love for them. Idols with diya can also be used in pooja on the day of Diwali. These types of diyas look fashionable as well as religious at the same time. It is available everywhere during Diwali in markets and on e-commerce sites as well.

6] Gifts Hampers

Gift hampers are one of the most common yet promising things to offer someone this Diwali. However, you can find various gift hampers related to health and fitness, edible items combo of both, and many more. For instance, you can order online to get Diwali sweets delivery at home, luxurious hampers, scented candles, dry fruits and nuts packets, and more to showcase your sweet love. Whatever hamper you choose, don’t forget to consider your interests and health.

7] Spend Quality Time With Your Parents

Sometimes, all your parents need is your attention and time. They always gave us their full love and attention when we were kids, but as we grew older and gave more time to our careers and lives, we somehow forgot to give them time and show some love. This Diwali, plan a get-together with them with a nice meal, some flowers, and gifts for them.


Parents have some expectations that they never show us, but we can give them love and attention in spite of fulfilling those expectations; that’s the least we can do for them. All of these gifts that we’ve mentioned above are easy to find anywhere, either online or in markets near your home. Diwali comes only once a year, but you should give your parents love and attention every single day, as every day that we spend happily is because of them in one way or another.