Do you want more customers, better conversion?

The Internet is the fastest growing sales medium. No matter what form of business you run, online presence is a must. The client's profile has changed significantly over the past 10 years. Currently, everyone has a smartphone, which ensures unprecedented speed in verifying the profile of the store or service company. Building a brand and consumer awareness translates into increased profits.
Do you want to increase the number of your customers by 20% or 200%? Do you want to build a strong, recognizable brand?


We deal with customer acquisition, brand building on the Internet and everything that can bring positive results to your company.
Comprehensive network service:

All our activities are aimed at increasing the number of customers, income and recognition of the company. 11 years of experience in SEO and introducing online stores means that we know what we are doing. Positioning and marketing are just slogans that say nothing by themselves. Even the height of the position in the search engine does not say anything and does not give rise to expectations.

There is one goal - customer + conversion. The world has changed and this year will be the year of the Internet. Move your business to the web, be a hybrid business. Diversifying sources of income is the basis for increasing financial independence.


Each project is priced individually. It all depends on how competitive your industry is. What amount of work and additional resources in the form of advertising, obtaining links should be performed. We start each project with a website audit and market analysis for a given company. The cost of the audit starts from 100 USD and depends on the size of the company and the competitiveness of the market. The report is prepared up to 2 weeks.

The audit is not only to check the technical side of the website, but also to examine the depth of the market, the number of potential customers, the strength of competition, customer acquisition costs, and positioning costs.

Perhaps for many companies such an audit will be an indication whether to actually invest in further development, because the costs of the positioning process will exceed the profits. Probably many entrepreneurs know what financial expenses are spent by large companies on advertising. They are often in the million zlotys. Therefore, especially for small businesses, estimating profits and losses can be of colossal importance in development.

After the audit, we present an action plan and budget on which we can work to obtain the expected results. Contracts are 6-month. This period of time is decisive for the process of SEO and SEM activities.

Website development

Having a company website is probably the basic element of being online. Many companies choose to buy or set up free sites through wizards. Such a solution, although cheap, is burdened with low SEO quality of such websites. We offer websites with up to 5 subpages optimized for the Google search engine. The combination of an efficient, super-fast script with the implementation of SEO solutions will ensure a quick and optimal start in Google. We also help in the selection of domains. We design logos and banners. You can even entrust us with taking photos of your company, description of the service, and inserting videos on the website for all activities.

Web shops

If you run an online store or plan to also contact us. We will help, we will advise. Positioning stores in 2021 is a much higher driving school. There are many big fish on the market, such as Amazon, E-bay, Aliexpress, with budgets of millions. Breaking through is not easy, although it is possible.

Google Maps business cards

Local positioning is an extremely important aspect for businesses that operate in the area of, for example, cities. Acquiring new customers through Google Maps can be an additional source of income. To be high in the maps, many criteria must be met. We are able to improve the position in the maps and modify the business card to become a real medium for communication with the client.


Another channel of communication and interaction with potential customers. Well-run blogs are an endless source of traffic and potential customers. The best Polish blogs generate hundreds of thousands of visits a day. Think that these could be your customers. We handle blogs. We work with the best SEO writers. We can provide your blogs with an unlimited amount of specialized thematic articles.Call us or write an e-mail about your expectations. We will analyze your request and propose the best solutions without wrapping around the bush. We do not care about short nervous cooperation, but a long, fuller joy and smile :-)

Penalties from Google - exiting the filter

The dynamically changing google algorithm means that many websites receive penalties for illegal positioning practices. Penalties can be algorithmic (automatic) or manual imposed by a google employee. Coming out of the filter is a time-consuming and very delicate process. We focus on a thorough analysis of the reasons for the imposition of the penalty. We diagnose the website, recommend applying the changes, and request cancellation of the penalty. There is no time frame for the service, we are trying to deliver. Skillful exit from the filter will ensure the stable functioning of the website.