Local positioning in Google Maps - Local SEO

Behind the term local positioning, there is a technique to position a website for a given city. For example, the phrase 'SEO'. Currently, the Google algorithm strongly promotes local pages. It is usually connected with the fact that general phrases which until recently gave results for national websites now give results of local companies targeted at a given city or voivodship.

Placement of search results for the phrase 'SEO'

poycjonowanie google maps kielce

Factors determining high results in Google Map and in local results

As you know, no one knows the algorithm and the way Google evaluates pages. Therefore, each action on the website or business card is based on the experience and knowledge of the positioner. However, it is worth taking steps to increase your visibility, either yourself or through SEO agencies. Classic models of reaching the customer are no longer relevant. Visibility on the internet is therefore a must nowadays.

An example of a combination of keywords for the phrases positioning in NEW YORK:

The selection of appropriate keywords is important from the point of analysis of the algorithm of a given website. However, it should be remembered that a given keyword may display once in 1 position and once in 10 or at all. It all depends on how the query will be read by the search engine's algorithm.

Are positions on Google permanent?

Unfortunately, they are not, never have been and never will be. If someone promises that a given phrase is forever lying, it results directly from the algorithm and the actions of the competition.